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Rules & Regulations

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 19, 2008 3:23 pm

About Yorky Fanciers

Yorky Fanciers was started to bring together like-minded fanciers of the breed. The group is for Yorkshire Terrier breeders and fanciers to talk about health, genetics, standard and the sports of purebred dogs.

Members are here to share their experiences and knowledge. Equal respect will be given to those that are new to the sport and those with experience.

We do not condone...

* mixing of breeds
* purposeful breeding of "off-colored" yorkies
* breeding for "teacups"

There is a "no tolerance" policy for these behaviors or the promotion of them, and are grounds for immediate removal from Yorky Fanciers.

We support the Yorkshire Terrier as a purebred dog and breeders who are looking to better the health of the breed and conform to the standard as approved by the YTCA.

We welcome with open arms those that are active in the canine sports or sincerely looking into joining. The Yorkshire terrier is a versatile breed and excels in several areas including obedience and agility.

To ensure that Yorky Fanciers is able to hold true to our mission we have a few easy rules to follow. These rules are in place for the benefit of all members.

1. No flaming, personal attacks or disrespectful behavior towards other members or those involved in the fancy will be tolerated.

2. New members MUST introduce themselves within 48 hours of joining using the New member template provided by Yorky Fanciers.

3. No copying of posts or pictures without the written consent of the original poster. All images are copyright protected.

4. Members are to remain active. Lurkers are not welcome, they do not add anything positive to the group and only take up valuable space for members who are truly interested in participating in the group. Please do not join if you are just interested in creating gossip or just nosy. These behaviors do nothing for the breed and only create problems.

5. Every post is required to be signed with your first name.
(This can be done automatically by editing your signature.)

Violation of any of the rules above will result in a warning, suspension or expulsion from Yorky Fanciers at the discretion of Admin.

If you have any questions prior to joining please contact Admin at for more information.

Come on in and join the fun!

~ Yorky Fanciers Administration ~
Dedicated to a friendly, informative forum!

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